Junior Tennis Academy

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Program Description

Joshua Creek offers a very popular junior tennis academy for aspiring to accomplished players. The academy is comprised of the “Super Stars” division for beginner to intermediate levels and the “High Performance” program for our advanced and elite level juniors. We have a great group of teaching professionals and maintain very reasonable pro to student ratios.

Scheduling includes  24 week indoor program that begins in late September and runs through mid April.  During the outdoor season we offer a 10 week Spring/ Summer Program that runs from the middle of May through the end of August. Various time slots and options are available based on the age and level of the participant.

Goals and Teaching Methodology

Stars Academy (Future Stars, Rising Stars and Shooting Stars)

General Goals:
Our main goals for this division of the Academy are to instill the basics of proper technique and to create a lasting interest in tennis through fun exercises and creative teaching methods. Classes also provide an opportunity for exercise and promotion of physical fitness.

Teaching Methodology
At this level we implement a mix of “Progressive Tennis” techniques, feeding based drills, coordination and footwork exercises. Strokes are broken down into basic elements and simplified for the children. Instructors make sure the students have fun through use of games, contests, partner drills and other challenges. Feedback is kept simple and encouraging. Classes are active and the teaching environment is very positive!

Specific Accomplishments
By the end of the 24 week program Future Stars will have an increased level of hand eye coordination and tennis specific movement. Children will understand the basic strokes and be able to hit over the net from close range and from a tossed ball. They should have the ability to carry out a very basic rally over a mini-net with a pro.
By program completion, Rising Stars students should have proper grips on their ground strokes and some basic fundamentals in place for all the strokes. They should be able to carry out a “mini-tennis” rally and be able to hit a pro fed ball with some consistency from at least 3/4 court.
Our Shooting Stars students will be able to carry out a 3/4 court to full court rally with proper grips and with basic fundamentals in place. They should be at a level where they can begin to play tennis outside of classes and have enough of a technical foundation in place to improve quickly even while playing on their own.


High Performance Academy (Advanced and Elite)

Program Goals:
Our high performance academy provides an opportunity for students who have shown the interest and ability to take their tennis to a more competitive level. Students are motivated through positive reinforcement and encouraged to put forth their best effort and to realize the connection between their effort and results. We balance the “work” and drills with fun in order to maintain interest. This is a program for students who want to do their best in tennis while maintaining a good a good over all balance with other areas of life.

Of primary importance is continued refinement of technique and elimination of technical “glitches” that may hinder improvement or cause future injury. The program will focus on proper grips, spins and stroke mechanics. This is foundational and will be key to the overall rate of development.

Teaching Methodology
Pros focus on a good balance of technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas of tennis development. A good mix of feeding based and rally based drills and exercises are used. Pro’s follow a 24 week plan with specific areas of focus weekly that tie in to overall short term and long term goals.

Specific Accomplishments
Over the course of the 24 week program, the students should show a marked improvement in their technique, their footwork and fitness and their understanding of tactical elements of match play. We hope to have provided them with improved confidence and have inspired an interest in continued improvement. All students should be at a level where they are ready for tournament play and will be provided with guidance in terms of “tournament level” and how to begin.

Notes to Parents

Parents are encouraged to share an interest in their child’s tennis development but certain restrictions and policies must be in place in order to protect privacy and to help us offer a safe, productive teaching environment.

Parents may not be on court for a prolonged period of time while classes are in progress. If you have a quick question for a pro, we encourage you to approach our Tennis Director with the inquiry. If it is a simple discussion that takes a few moments on court, this is perfectly acceptable as long as you are at the entrance to the courts, not causing a distraction to the participants. If a prolonged discussion is required, it should take place outside of the court area or by phone.

In order to protect the privacy of our staff and students, taking photos or videos during class is strictly prohibited.