Joshua Creek Tennis- Policies for Windoor Team Play

Mission Statement/ Goals

Joshua Creek Tennis is an active participant in the ladies Windoor League for the purpose of creating an option for competitive tennis. The Club will also provide an opportunity for players to improve and enjoy their tennis by offering coaching and by helping to create cohesive team environment.

Team Selection and Tryout Process

Each year a pre-season signup will take place in early September. Members who sign up may be invited to a tryout, which is mandatory to attend . This is particularly important for new players and players who do not have a Windoor record from past seasons.
(You must be a Club Member in order to be eligible for a team)

A maximum of 16 regular players will be selected per team.  In order to be considered for a team, you must have either competed at this level in previous seasons or have a winning record from court #1 or court #2 in the division below from the previous season.

If there are more players trying out for a team than there are positions available, players with the highest results from the previous season will be considered first.  If there is a tie or if scores are not available or conclusive, assessments by the Club Professionals may be taken into account or challenge matches may be set up between certain players.

In summary, all efforts will be made to select players on an objective basis. The number of available spaces and scores from past seasons will be the primary determinant of whether or not a player is selected to play on a particular team.

Captain Selection

Captains are selected by the Club and by their own team mates.  Prospective captains must be approved by the Club and then voted in by their team mates.  If there is any concern related to whether the prospective captains will qualify for the team, the selection must take place after the team is determined.

Weekly Line-Ups

Once the team is selected, the Team Captain will work with the Pro to determine the weekly line up. Captains are encouraged to set the line ups and the scheduling and then have a quick discussion with the Team Pro each week for final approval.

Line ups should be selected based on the following:

  • A player’s record from previous matches
  • Player availability
  • On court compatibility with other team members

Captains Role and Expectations

Captains are expected to be fair but firm, diplomatic and be respectful of their team mates. The Team Captain’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Running the team according to Club and league policies
  • Setting up general planning  with the club for the season
  • Consulting with the designated team professional on issues relating to line ups or strategy
  • Organizing  scheduling and weekly line-ups
  • Delegating certain organizational responsibilities to other team members as required
  • Helping to organize participants for the season ending Windup

Players Roles and Expectations

As a member of a Joshua Creek Windoor team you are agreeing to the following:

  • You must have respect for decisions made by the Captain and the Pro
  • Participate in fair and friendly play
  • Help to create a strong team environment
  • Be respectful of your team mates, Captain and Teaching Professional
  • Be  flexible in terms of partnerships and pairings
  • Help with tasks related to team organization (as assigned by the Captain)


Teaching Professionals Role

The role of the teaching Professional assigned to a team is to provide weekly clinics based on feedback from the team. The Pro will also consult with the team Captain on weekly line ups to assure players are being played according to strength and to help determine effective partnerships.