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General Information

Our House League runs  on Monday evenings at various start times that are scheduled based on the division you are in. Participants are placed in a division based on their level of play and are paired up each week against other players within their division. Scores are tabulated over the session and there are “check points” after a certain number of weeks where the top 2-3 players will move up a division and the bottom 2-3 are moved down.

The goal for the  league is to provide an opportunity for those who enjoy a more competitive event. Players must be at a minimum playing level of 3.0 or higher in order to participate. (See self rating guide).

You can register for the House League either by checking the box on your membership form or by contacting the Club. New players will require and assessment before being placed in a division and past players will be assigned to a division based on last season’s results. 

There are a few options in terms of getting assessed…

1. Pro Recommendation – If you have had a lesson or one of our teaching pros is familiar with your level they may
2. Assessment Night – A round robin/ assessment night is scheduled a few weeks before the start of the main session. New players will contacted each season with the specific date and time.
3. Friday Round Robin – Each Friday evening the club runs a social round robin from 7:00 to 9:00. You can also use this an opportunity to be assessed for the Monday league.

We will generally begin with four weeks of ‘trial divisions’ before we lock players in. This means that return players will start of in the divisions they played last year and new players will start of in a division based on an assessment. After the four week ‘mini-session’, players will be assigned to a division based their results and assessments made by the league coordinators. This leaves two, ten week sessions on the schedule.

Courts are booked off each Monday night based on a rotating schedule of times so that all players have a chance to play at the more popular times but we do not create an individual player schedules in advance. Each week players who would like to participate must call the Club or log on to the booking system in order to reserve a spot for themselves. Look for your division, click to register and enter your name. You are not required to participate every week but if you sign up to play the expectation is that you will play at least 3/4 of the matches.

All scores are entered immediately after the match and updated on the website so players can track their results from week to week.

Please be reminded that we required a minimum level of 3.0 to participate. If you have not already indicated on your membership form that you would like to sign up, please send a quick email to