Joshua Creek Tennis Singles Ladder Information – 2016-2017


Administrators: Steve Theo and Dave Fairfax


The ladder will use a modified leap-frog format – see example below. There are two boxes, the Ranking Box (players ranked) and the Challenge Box (players unranked)

Ranked players can challenge anyone up to 7 spots above them or accept challenges from anyone 7 spots below them with the following exception – Players in the top five of the rankings can only be challenged by someone 1,2 or 3 spots below them.

If the lower ranked player wins the ladder match they claim the rank of their opponent and everyone below moves down one spot (including the loser of the match). If they lose they stay at the same rank as before the match

Challenge box players can challenge any ranked player except the players in the top five of the rankings. If they win, they claim the rank of their opponent and everyone in the box moves down one spot. If they lose, they remain in the challenge box (players in challenge box can only gain entry into the ranking box by beating someone who is ranked)




Ranking box



3. David

4. Andy












Challenge Box






Since John is ranked #14 he can challenge everyone above him up to #7 Roger. If he challenges and beats Roger then he claims the #7 ranking, Roger becomes #8 and everyone else below that moves down one spot.


Since Juan-Martin is ranked #5 he can only be challenged by Tomas, Roger and Jo-Wilfried and can only challenge Andy, David and Novak. Juan-Martin must become ranked #4 before he can challenge for the #1 ranking.


From the challenge box, Vasek can challenge anyone in the ranking box (except rankings #1-5). If Vasek challenges and beats Tomas he takes over the #6 spot (and everyone else moves down one spot) but if he loses he remains in the challenge box.


A ladder match will be an 8 game pro-set with tiebreakers played at 7-7.


If your court time is up before the completion of the pro-set then the winner will be the player who is leading at that time provided 8 total games have been played. If less than 8 games have been played and one player is leading by more than 3 games it will count as a win. (e.g. 4-0,5-1, or 6-1). If this is not the case then the match will not count as an official result. Ties will not count. Every effort should be made to complete the 8-game pro-set. For example if the buzzer goes indicating that the hour booking is up the ladder match should continue until the next booking’s players come onto the court.


Players that wish to join the ladder should email the ladder administrators at and and include their full name, self-rating, email and phone contact info. New players are welcome to join the ladder at any time during the season.


Players that join the ladder before the ladder start date (November 1st) will be placed in the ranking box and ranked based on the following:

  • position and results from previous years ladder
  •  self-rating (e.g. 4.5)


Players joining the ladder after the start date will be placed in the Challenge Box.

Once you play someone in either box you cannot play them again for one month.

If you are in the Ranking Box but have no activity for a one-month period, you will be moved to the Challenge Box.

For a ladder match both players should bring a new can of tennis balls. The winner takes the unopened can and the loser keeps the used can. Good quality balls such as Wilson US Open/Dunlop Grand Prix or balls of equal value should be used.

The result must emailed to  (c.c. ) for timely update. It should be agreed after the match who will report the score.

The boxes and rankings will be updated after every reported match score as specified by the ladder administrator. New rankings with results will be emailed out to participants as often as possible.

If the ladder administrators receive complaints from three different participants that you are (1) not responding to phone calls/e-mails or (2) unwilling to play, they reserve the right to remove you from the program with immediate effect