March 23rd, 2018

Dear Tennis Member,

Spring is coming soon and with the end of the indoor session fast approaching, we have planned out our outdoor season and membership details for the next indoor season.

The final day of indoor play is Sunday April 22nd

Although there are no significant changes planned for next season, we encourage you to review the following information and the court schedule posted in the clubhouse before completing your form.

The early sign up offer is available between now and the end of the current season. As in past seasons, this entitles you to a certain number of bonus bookings, gives you a chance to win your membership in our year end draw and secures your place for next year.

Looking ahead, our overall goal is to continue to offer the best tennis experience possible and a balanced lineup of programs, all at a great value. With that in mind, the following plans are in place for next season.

Our Team
Steve Theodoropoulos (Theo) has completed his first year in the role as Tennis Director at Joshua Creek. Steve’s influence at has been very positive, helping us to acheive a revised balance of court time to better satisfy the demands of our clients as a whole and helping us to acheive more consistent implementation of the booking rules.

We also have and amazing team of admistrative staff and teaching professionals working with Steve. It has truly taken the Club to a new level in terms of quality programming led by a cohesive team.

Gloria Liang has been our new head Pro and in cooperation with Steve, has helped to build a new level of  interest, positivity and quality of instruction. Our academy program is now second to none and has attracted a new group of young talented pros who are contributing to even more growth and depth of what we can offer. Going forward, Steve and the team will continue to invest their efforts into making sure that we offer the best membership and lesson experiences possible.

Court Schedule
When planning our court schedule, there is a very careful balance required to create enough open time for singles and doubles play and to also offer enough programs and instruction to meet demand. Next season we will continue to offer the evening clinic options and may even be adding a few additional classes that allow you to use bookings to participate rather than a clinic fee. We will continue to prioritize certain courts for doubles only to help the doubles crowd get their court times too. Please see the court schedule posted in the Clubhouse for all the details or click here to review it online.

From one season to the next our biggest challenge seem to relate to maintenance of certain aspects of the facility. To an extent, this is due to the nature of our location and situation. We are not connected to town services for water for example and we also have the challenge of maintaining a gravel parking lot that is very subject to seasonal changes and erosion. That said, we are looking into more paving this Spring and more regular deposits of stone on the gravel portion of the lot. We are having a portion of our water lines to the washrooms replaced before next season to hopefuly avoid so many issues with frozen pipes.

On the upside, our lighting has been great this season and we have almost no issues with bulbs burning out or underground wiring issues. Still, we are considering replacing the lights with more energy efficient flourecent or led system for next season. In addition to being more energy efficient, the new systems also provide brigher more consistent lighting so we hope to be able to do this. If not, we will replace all the bulbs in our existing lighting system before the start of next season so that we can have another good season for lighting.

Our investment in insulation a few years ago has been well worthwhile and although it takes more time to get the dome up and down, it’s been very comfortable for play even in extremely cold temperatures.

Lastly, our courts are due for resurfacing and  we hope to do this in the Fall before the start of the next indoor season but at the very latest they will be done the following Spring.

The price on a basic membership will not change for next season. Some minor price adjustments have been to the higher level membership but we still aim to provide the best value and level of service at any indoor facility in the area.

Please review the form and court schedule for next season and let us know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the rest of the season!
Team Joshua Creek

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Keep reading for more information on the following:

Early Registration Bonus

Windup Round Robin

Outdoor Tennis at Joshua Creek


Early Registration Bonus

The following number of bonus bookings will be added to your total if you register before the end of our current season.

  • Basic 30 bookings 3 bonus 33 total
  • Basic Plus 45 bookings 4 bonus 49 total
  • Standard 60 bookings 5 bonus 65 total
  • Standard Plus 75 bookings 6 bonus 81 total
  • Premium 90 bookings 7 bonus 97 total

Family Share Options

  • Standard 100 bookings 7 bonus 107 total
  • Premium 120 bookings 8 bonus 128 total

To register early, we require a deposit and a post dated cheque. The deposit can either be a credit/ debit payment or a current dated cheque for $100 per member. The second payment must be in the form of cheque post dated to September 15th, 2017 for the balance.


Closing Round Robin

The Closing Round Robin will be held on Sunday April 22nd. All members are invited to attend! Reserve your spot today by calling the Club at 905-257-5019…(no bookings required)

2:00pm to 4:00pm Round Robin/ Wine and Cheese

4:00pm to 4:15pm Draw for Prizes (Including the free membership!)

Free Membership Draw

In addition to the bonus bookings, anyone who registers on or before April 23rd will have their name entered into a draw. The person drawn will be reimbursed in full for the membership they signed up for! The draw will take place after the Closing Round Robin. If the winner picked is part of a ‘family share plan’ arrangement they will be refunded for their portion of the membership (full membership cost divided by the number of participants). You do not need to be present to win…


Outdoor Tennis at Joshua Creek

After our indoor season, you are able to carry over any excess bookings and use them outdoors at Joshua Creek during the months of May and June. The bubble will be down and the courts will be ready for outdoor play by the 2nd week in May. Members have continued access to our on-line system to make bookings for the outdoor season but as of September 1st all member accounts are cleared and you must re-join for the following season.

As mentioned you can use any leftover bookings from the indoor season or you can add more for only $10/ booking.  You will continue to have the convenience of booking ahead verses the usual summer club system of ‘drop in and hope for a court’.

Our outdoor activities have really expanded over the last few seasons. We have an exciting summer camp for kids, advanced court booking and tennis lessons for all ages. (please consult the web site at for all the details)



On behalf of all of us at the club, thank you for choosing Joshua Creek and enjoy the rest of the season!